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Thanks for visiting!                     I’m Susan Maccarelli, Creator and Executive Editor of Beyond Your Blog. If you are a blogger or you write other nonfiction, I hope you’ll check it out! Beyond Your Blog helps writers successfully submit their writing for publication outside of personal blogs. We share tips and tricks for submitting writing, specific opportunities to submit writing, inspiration for writers, and interviews with editors that help you understand how and what to submit to them. I have interviewed over 100 editors so far!

The website you are on now is about more than just BYB though. I’m also a published writer who writes about things that are not related to writing/blogging every once in a while, a speaker/moderator/host, and an online course creator. I’ll be adding author once I finish my ebook, and I also love brainstorming ways to help my readers and working with my business partner (husband) who executest anything technical that needs to be done.  We could add online shopping fan (shout out to my imaginary friends that happen to be QVC hosts!), recovering soda addict (I miss you Chick Fil-A cherry Coke with extra ice), and the last person to watch any trendy show because I no longer have cable/live tv/DVR and am too busy binge watching the entire catalog of Prison Break for the 4th time.

But any-whoo…

Back to my professional accomplishments. I was a corporate trainer in my pre-mom life, and applied that experience when developing my self-paced online course. Submission Savvy is for bloggers who are new to publishing theirSubmission-Savvy-Final-Logo-jpeg writing beyond their own blogs and opens periodically for registration with fun bonuses.

I used to write on my humor blog called Pecked To Death By Chickens but have neglected it for other projects in recent years. Luckily, it lives on with all of my archives and still gets compliments on its name.

I drink my own Kool-aid (or maybe Prosecco) and feed my attention-seeking behavior by having my own writing featured on such sites as SheKnows, The Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, Mamapedia, BLUNTmoms, and Mamalode.  I have also been published as a contributor in several anthologies, including I Still Just Want to Pee Alone, But Did You Die: Setting The Parenting Bar Low, and Mom For The Holidays.

Oh, and I used to hate the sound of my own voice, but after 90-some podcasts where my husband edited out the ‘umms’ and stupid sounding blunders, I now love the sound of my own voice and use it far and wide. I’ve spoken at conferences and events including The American Society of Journalists and Authors, BlogHer, International Bloggers Association, Bloggers at Midlife, and BlogU, and various press club and library events.

I’ll also say yes to pretty much any interview because again: the sound of my own voice.

Glad you found me!